“They taught us the importance of character, daily discipline, having a routine, and bringing energy to establishing a winning culture.”
— Eric Hagemeister, Vice President Proctor and Gamble


Our speeches are custom tailored for each engagement based on desires and needs.  Here is a list of some of our previous engagements:

  • "Bringing Energy to Everyday Life" - Wounded Warriors, April 2017
  • "Establishing a Winning Culture" - Proctor and Gamble, 2017
  • "Developing Future Leaders" - Central Church, 2017
  • "Maximizing Your Potential" - Johns Hopkins University, 2017
  • "Being 100% Responsible for our Effectiveness" - Grove City College Athletics Banquet, 2017
  • "Developing an 'All-In' Culture" - Naval Academy, Dec. 2016
  • "It Takes Courage to Race" - NCAA Banquet, 2016
  • "We Can Do Better" - Unleashed, Sept. 2015
  • "The Silver Bullet: 100% Buy-In" - Almo, August, 2014
  • "Collaboration for Success" - ASCA, Sept. 2014
  • "Coaching the 21st Century Athlete" - University of Puget Sound, Sept. 2013

Leadership program

This program is perfect for long term leadership development.  Our curricula can span the length of up to 4 years--depending on your scheduled goals--and covers topics such as:

  • Followership
  • Group dynamics
  • Situational leadership
  • Creating motivational followers
  • Diversity
  • Communication

An exercise of these skills culminates through a final project supported by our mentors.  This is the perfect program for an athletics program developing toward Senior Leaders and Captains.

curriculum writing

We help write experiential educational curricula for programs that wish to educate in a leadership frame.  Our curricula is beneficial to students because it enhances the learning experience, increases retention, and inspires lifelong learning while simultaneously building community and leadership skills.  Some of our favorite learning theories include Play Based, Project Based, and Service Learning.


Although we do not currently offer our own retreats, we would love to be an integral part of yours.  Bring us along on your retreats to teach leadership, build community, and create a connection among participants.

custom programs

Our custom programs are for those who need a jumpstart into team building and leadership development, but cannot commit to our long leadership program.  We facilitate leadership and team building simulations that simultaneously enhances community connection and leadership development.  These can look like educational games and challenges or more like lecture series depending on the topic to be covered.